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Small Business Application

Are you a small business needing council approval to open your business, or make changes to your existing business?

The City of Ballarat’s Business Concierge offers you a point of contact within council that will assist you throughout the permit application process. Please complete the following form as with the information you have available, note that only the name and contact details fields are mandatory. Please contact the Business Concierge on 03 5320 5500 or for help with this form or any other questions you might have about your application.

Proprietor details

Is the proprietor a company or association?
Your authority to submit this application on behalf of the company, for example 'director of company'
Your legal business name, not the trading name

Postal address

Your small business

What type of business are you starting?
Will you need to place items on the footpath?
For example tables, chairs, barrier screens, A-frame advertising signs or displaying goods.
As part of starting your business, will you be:

Applicants please note: If you're changing the business type of an existing premises, you may also need a building permit. Building permits can be obtained from a private building surveyor. The City of Ballarat website has more information on building permits.

Business details

Class 1

Is food being prepared or served exclusively for people in any of the following?

Class 2

Food premises selling or handling un-packaged food requiring temperature control.

Which of the following options best describes your food business?

Class 3

Food premises selling or handling un-packaged food that does not require temperature control and/or pre-packaged food requiring temperature control.

Which of the following options best describes your food business?

Class 4

Food premises whose food handling activities pose a low risk to public health.

Class 4 food businesses must notify council of their food operations but are not required to obtain formal registration.

Which of the following options best describes your food business?
Are you a community group?
A community group is a group of people undertaking a food handling activity solely for the purposes of raising funds for charitable purposes or a not for profit organisation.
Is your community group operating for more than 2 consecutive days?

Home based food business

For example at markets or festivals, delivered to customers, food will be picked up from the home.

Food safety program - class 1 food premises

Does your food business have a current independent food safety program (FSP)?

Food safety program - class 2 food premises

Which food safety program you will be using?

Food safety program - class 3 food premises

Do you acknowledge that you will ensure that the appropriate Food Safety Guide or Program required under the Food Act for the premises will be kept?

Personal care and body art

Please select all of the procedures to be conducted:
Please select specific beauty therapy activities that will be conducted:
Please select the specific skin penetration activities that will be conducted:

Prescribed accommodation

Please select your accommodation type:

The proposal

Including plans and elevations; any information required by the planning scheme, requested by the City of Ballarat or outlined in a planning permit checklist; and if required, a description of the likely effect of the proposal.

Existing conditions

For example: vacant, three dwellings, medical centre with two practitioners, licensed restaurant with 80 seats, grazing.
Photos are also helpful.

Title details

Provide a full, current copy of the title for each individual parcel of land forming the subject site. The title includes: the covering 'register search statement', the title diagram and the associated title documents, known as 'instruments', for example, restrictive covenants.
Does the proposal breach, in any way, an encumbrance on title such as a restrictive covenant, section 173 agreement or other obligation such as an easement or building envelope?

If 'yes', please contact the City of Ballarat for advice on how to proceed before continuing with this application.

Property owner

Is the permit applicant also the property owner?

Pre-application meeting

Has there been a pre-application meeting with a council planning officer?

Outdoor dining
This includes tables, chairs, stand-alone heaters, pot plants or planter boxes, umbrellas, barrier screens.
Are all items temporary and removable from the footpath?
Semi-Fixed furniture refers to furniture that is semi-locked into ground sockets built into the footpath but is removed and packed away after business hours without the need for specific tools.
Will you be using any semi-fixed furniture?

Please note: that the installation of any semi-fixed furniture or associated fittings will require additional permits and must be carried out by City of Ballarat approved contractors and at the expense of the applicant.

A-frame advertising signage
Not permitted in residential areas.
Maximum of 2. Only permitted where adequate area allows.
Display of goods for sale or hire
The area used must not exceed 2m²
I have read the 'Outdoor Dining and Trading Policy 2017'
The policy is available to download from the City of Ballarat website.
I agree to comply with the 'Outdoor Dining and Trading Policy 2017'

Premise details

Street address

Formal land description

Plan type
For example, RH0001306N
Do you supply any food with the service that you provide?
For example, breakfast included as part of a guest's stay
Do you have a pool?
Is the pool located outdoors?

Trading details

Do you sell tobacco?
If yes, is it from a vending machine?
Do you have a Liquor Licence?
This is the Full Time Equivalent (FTE) number

Trading Hours

Is your business open by appointment only?
Day of the week Trading hours

Floor plan - food premises

This will be required to process your application and should include all rooms, equipment, furniture and dimensions. Please refer to the Food Business Information Kit for further information on what is required.
I will provide the floor plan of the premises separate to this application

Floor plan - health premises

This will be required to process your application and should include all rooms, equipment, furniture and dimensions. Please refer to the Public Health and Wellbeing Act Information Kit for further information on what is required.
I will provide the floor plan of the premises separate to this application

Food safety supervisor

Please Note: A food safety supervisor is not required if the food premises has a declared QA food safety program that includes competency based or accredited training for staff of the premises or is a community group that operates for two consecutive days or less.


I will provide a copy of the certificate of competency separate to this application
Do you acknowledge that you will ensure that there is an appropriate food safety supervisor for the premises?

Temporary food premises or food vehicle

If your community group or business intends to operate from a temporary or mobile food premises for example a market stall, food van, truck or cart then you will also need to register on Streatrader

Once registered with the City of Ballarat and Streatrader, your Food Act registration is recognised at festivals, markets and events state wide. You will need to lodge a Statement of Trade (SOT) for each event online via Streatrader. Streatrader is also the registration system for water carter and vending machine businesses trading in Victoria.

Do you sell from a temporary food premises?
For example market stalls, coffee carts or unregistered trailers
Do you sell food from a registered food vehicle?
For example a food truck, water carting truck, van or trailer
For example open or closed, food trailer, refrigerated van, self-contained van, truck or vehicle

Food vehicle details

List multiple if applicable
Registration Number Make Model
Is your food vehicle garaged in Ballarat?

Food vehicle garage address

Note: Food vehicles must be registered via the Local Government Authority in which they are garaged, please contact the relevant local council to arrange. This does not affect your application for a fixed premises in the City of Ballarat so please continue your application.

Applicants please note:
  • You cannot trade or prepare food at the premises until an Environmental Health Officer has inspected the premises and a certificate of Food Act Registration is issued to you.
  • Payment of the prescribed registration fee is required to complete your food premises application. The prescribed fee is determined based on the details within your application, following submission of your application you will be sent a schedule of fees via your nominated email address.
  • It is against the law to provide false or misleading information, which could result in a heavy fine and cancellation of the permit.


  • The information provided in this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge
  • This application is a legal document and penalties exist for providing false or misleading information
  • The initial registration of a food premises may be less than 12 months, if so a pro rata fee will be charged
  • Any material submitted with this application, including plans and personal information, will be made available for public viewing, including electronically, and copies may be made for interested parties for the purpose of enabling consideration and review as part of a planning process under the Planning and Environment Act 1987. If you have any questions, please contact the City of Ballarat’s planning department.
  • The owner has been notified of the permit application

Collection statement

Your personal information is being collected by the City of Ballarat for the purpose of processing your Small Business Application which may comprise of:
  • an application to register a food premises in accordance with the Food Act 1984
  • an application to register a health premises in accordance with the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 and the Residential Tenancies Act 1997
  • an application for an outdoor dining and trading permit
  • an application for a planning permit in accordance with the Planning and Environment Act 1987
Your information will be stored in Council’s Customer Database and used to identify you when communicating with Council and for the delivery of services and information. For further information on how your personal information is handled, refer to Council’s privacy policy at