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Residential Parking Permit Application

If you live within the CBD and the property has no existing access to off-street parking such as rear access, a garage or carport, or a driveway you may be eligible for 1 permit per property.

If your property is outside the CBD and in a street with parking restrictions you may be eligible for 1 free permit. If you have no existing access to off-street parking, a driveway or driveway crossover you will have the option to apply and may be eligible for a second and third permit.

See the website for more details on the Residential Parking Permit, including a map of the parking zones.

Your details

Each vehicle owner will need to complete their own application.

Residential address

Is your postal address the same as your residential address?

Postal address

Date of birth (optional) for example 31 01 1978


Residential Parking Permit Fees
Permit Cost
Parking Permit 1 Free
Parking Permit 2 - Not available to CBD properties Free
Parking Permit 3 - Not available to CBD properties $105

Permits required

How many parking permits are you applying for?
Please provide the vehicle registration details that will be linked to your permit This is the registration number of the car that you will park on your street.

Please note: Properties in the CBD area are only eligible for one permit. Other properties with access to off-street parking, a driveway or driveway crossover may not be eligible for a second or third permit.

Is this to replace an existing permit?

Briefly explain the reason for requesting a replacement permit.

You will need to surrender the old permit before collecting your new permit.

Proof of residency

  • Driver licence - copy of both sides required
  • Rates notice
  • Lease agreement - this is required if you're renting
  • Utility bill - excludes mobile phone bill
Limited to 30MB. Only image files, Microsoft Word Documents and PDFs are accepted.


  • I state that the details I have given are true and correct.

Collection Statement

Your personal information is being collected by the City of Ballarat for the purpose of processing your application for a Residential Parking Permit. Your information will be stored in Council’s Customer Database and used to identify you when communicating with Council and for the delivery of services and information. For further information on how your personal information is handled, refer to Council’s Privacy Policy at