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Infringement Payment Plan

Council recognise that it has an ongoing social obligation to ensure vulnerable community members are treated with fairness, integrity and compassion. City of Ballarat is committed to working with the community to identify an appropriate payment solution that is effective and sustainable.

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  • Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card
  • Centrelink Health Care Card Card
  • Veteran Affairs Pensioner Concession Card
  • Veteran Affairs Gold Card

Note: By providing your Centrelink details you authorise the City of Ballarat to perform a Centrelink enquiry of your Centrelink or Veterans’ Affairs customer details and concession card status in order to enable City of Ballarat to determine if you qualify for a payment plan or an extension of time.

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Payment Plan

A Payment Plan is an agreement between Council and a community member which enables an infringement to be paid off in instalments at regular intervals.

Please enter a date at least 7 days from today.

Note: Failure to pay any instalment by the specified date will result in cancellation of the instalment plan which may lead to further costs and/or lodgement with the Infringement Court without further correspondence.

Extension of Time

An Extension of Time is an agreement between Council and a community member which provides the community member with additional time after the initial infringement or reminder notice due date to pay the infringement in full.

Must be no more than 3 months after the date of offence.


  • I hereby undertake to comply with requirements of the City of Ballarat’s payment plan terms and conditions in accordance with the Infringements Act 2006.
  • The above information I have provided is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and I acknowledge that I am the offender listed on the infringement.
  • I also consent to City of Ballarat verifying Centrelink details provided above if applicable.

Collection Statement

Your personal information is being collected by City of Ballarat for the purpose of establishing a payment plan in accordance with the Infringements Act 2006. Your information will be stored in Council’s Customer Database and used to identify you when communicating with Council and for the delivery of services and information. For further information on how your personal information is handled, refer to Council’s Privacy Policy at